Being Vindicated; Boy Did that Feel Good


Vindication. What does that word mean? When you are vindicated, your name is cleared. You are defended successfully; proven to be valid; supported, and cleared of blame or suspicion. When you are validated by someone you never saw it coming from it feels really, really, good, especially when you value that person’s opinion of you. It’s like being acquitted of something you didn’t do but were convicted of doing.

Although there are 2 primary people in your relationship, the demise of the relationship is not always because of something you did, but it is something you should learn from. Maybe things happened the way they did because God is protecting you from someone who only means you harm.  Maybe you’ve just gotten out of a relationship and need time to heal and reflect. Maybe for such a time as this in your life, you were meant to go it alone. No matter who ended the relationship, remember, it’s not always because of something YOU did.

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